Automatic garage door openers are such a benefit so as to they're practically standard in nearly all garages these days. There was a time, you could become wet on a rainy daywhile you gotout of your car to open the garage door. This modern convenience has eliminated this problem.

But along with the benefit, here are various problems to be conscious of concerning your safety and wellbeing. If your home includes elderly folks or young children, certain older garage doors can pose a danger. If your home is child free, you still need to concern yourself with any neighbor children that you could be held liable for if an accident was to occur.


Newer overhead roll up garage doors include pinch resistant or anti pinch panels. Lacking this quality small fingers could get harmed if wedged in the opening between panels while the door is closing.

Garage doors and openers for the house are required to be in compliance with Underwriters Laboratories spec 325, and have been ever since 1993. The UL325 spells out guidelines for a few other mechanisms like gates with automatic self closing equipment - but those are not mandatory to meet UL325 such as garage door openers are.

If you are thinking of selling your house, and it has an older garage door or opener, it might not meet UL325 specifications, and may show up on the home inspection. Given the minimal price tag of door openers, it might be a good idea to exchange an older garage door opener prior togetting in toutchwith an realtor. That will be one fewer obstacle toward finalizing your house sale once the time comes.

Several of the central UL325 specs are clear and should be a important indicator of a garage door openers compliance to the specifications. An electronic eye at the bottom of the doorwill automatically cause the opener to reversesduring the close cycle if an object or individual breaks the beam. A fragile person might be struck as a result of a closing door without this feature.

In some circumstances, an object may obstruct a door from closing even without interrupting the electronic beam. UL325 conforming door openers will automatically reverse if they sense excessive burden on the closing mechanism, indicating an obstruction. This prevents the door from closing down on top of an obstacle until something breaks.

In the end,safety and security of a garage door are key concerns, not to mention possible realestate transaction liability. It mightmake sense to swap outthe opener and not have to be concerned about the legal responsibility.